Once I graduated college, I thought the art of creating would be easy. While I was in school I had every excuse in the book: I was a working student and I had a ton of homework. When I wasn’t working, I was doing homework; and when I wasn’t doing homework, I was working. When I wasn’t doing either, I was sleeping.

The age of the Internet and social media makes creating look so easy. For some, it very well may be. For me, however, transitioning into this world of freedom has been hard. I have avoided buying jewelry, artwork and even home goods in the past few years because they have landed on my “projects to do list.” There is no doubt that I have ability to do all of the things I want.

Since graduating, I have checked none of these things off my list. It has only been a month and some change, and many will excuse me due to my massive workload over the 16 week course of my final semester. To me it seems my grace period is over. I am ready to work again!

Creating is hard. Creating get takes time, mind, heart and soul. It’s meraki. It’s time that I dedicate all of those things into what I’ve always wanted to do, and needed, (and paid) for.


Author: jancobbsdesign

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